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Is your data vulnerable?

So called "Free" cloud services pay for themselves by mining YOUR information.

At COIN Services access to your email and files is all under your control. We do NO data mining.

Cloud services under your control.

Value added virtual servers for file storage and sharing, email services or web services. You control your own cloud services. Your way!

Email delivered to your desk, phone or laptop Spam and Virus free.

Our email hub servers scrub your email of all viruses and most spam before reaching your company server or inbox.

See our catalog for computer accessories.

We carry many componants designed to make your computing experience more enjoyable..and ergonomic!

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What is Internetworking?

Internetworking is simply a "Network of Networks". COIN Services is a short form of Columbia Internetworking Services. We have been working with Local area Networks since our beginnings back in the 1970's. Our first networking product (before the IBM PC) was a "network in a box" solution where a number of "Application Processor" cards were plugged into a backplane forming a network. We used a dirivative of CP/M for the operating system. A lot has changed since those days. We have always strived to stay ahead of the networking technologies, and the latest routing switching and security protocols. The Internet has been very much a blessing, but very challenging. Thanks for dropping by our web site. Feel free to look around and see if any of our products can help you out. Use our contact form to reach us with any specific requirement you may have.
-Ron Miller Owner Columbia Internetworking LLC.

Do I need a private cloud?

If you are like me, I own a desktop computer, laptop, iPad and iPhone. Through cloud server technology, it is now possible to sycronize files, contacts, calendars between all of those platforms. In addition to share a file or a folder with anybody else, A shared file of folder can be created that allows them access to the file through a web browser to read or write to the file or folder. Plus the files are backed up on multiple devices! There are clients available for PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
-Ron Miller Owner Columbia Internetworking LLC.

Does WWW really stand for the Wild, Wild West?

As America moved westward, the strigent laws of behavoir on the East coast were left behind. The West was ruled in many areas by outlaws who lived outside of the rules of common cililization found in the major cities of the East coast or Europe. The Internet is not unlike the Wild Wild West. There are 'outlaws' who are always trying to circumvent the 'laws' (We call them RCF's) of the Internet. The most insipid of this can be fould right in your email inbox. Please DONT click on those authentic looking notices of package deliveries, wedding invitations or the like unless you can verify their legitimacy first. If you use an email client like Thunderbird, hovering your mouse over the link will show where it wants to send you. If the email is from Bank of America (for example) the email will direct you to an address ending with "". If any of that is incorrect, DON'T CLICK ON IT! Delete it immedieately!
-Ron Miller Owner Columbia Internetworking LLC.


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