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"Relationships Not a fast buck!

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We are looking for a relationship NOT a quick buck!

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Is your data vulnerable?

So called "Free" cloud services pay for themselves by mining YOUR information.

At COIN Services access to your email and files is all under your control. We do NO data mining.

Cloud services under your control.

Value added virtual servers for file storage and sharing, email services or web services. You control your own cloud services. Your way!

Email delivered to your desk, phone or laptop Spam and Virus free.

Our email hub servers scrub your email of all viruses and most spam before reaching your company server or inbox.

See our catalog for computer accessories.

We carry many componants designed to make your computing experience more enjoyable..and ergonomic!

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About Us

In the Beginning:

Ron Miller founded Columbia Internetworking Services in 2002 and soon took on COIN Services for a short name and Columbia Internetworking LLC as the legal entity. Ron brings much experience from being VP of Technical Services at Omega Data Inc. in Hillsboro, OR. He was there during the birth of the IBM PC and the subsequent networking of PC computers in several business environments. In 1988, Ron joined the team at US Servo, Inc. in Tukwila, WA as VP of engineering. During this time he built tools required for the repair of hard drives. In 1993 Ron formed his own company called Performance Technology in Renton, WA. In 1997 Ron was asked to join the team at Mattress Discounters in Upper Marlboro, MD as a Technical Director of Networking. Ron designed and sucessfully deployed a internetworked system that connected 350 stores and 12 regional office throughout the United States.

The Growing Years:

Since leaving Mattress Discounter in 2002, COIN Services has continued to provide design, installation and technoical support for the Mattress Discounters network.Branching out to other POS systems installing networking in several chain stores like Abercromby and Finch, McDonalds and Bob Evans. The guiding phrase through this time was "It's all about the relationship and not the fast buck".

Where we're going:

Based upon several years of experience and we are interested in building even more realtionships and reaching out more across the United States. This website is the first effort of this new direction. We want to be able to communicate effectively with our clients and provide them the support they deserve for the IT products they need.


personel bio pic(Ron Miller,Owner): Ron has managed several business entities over the years. He has served on the management teams of Omega Data Inc, Hillsoboro OR; Performance Technology-Tigard, OR; Brockway Disk Technologies, Tukwila, WA; US Servo, Inc. Tukwila, WA; Performance Technology, Renton, WA; Mattress Discounters, Upper Marlbo, MD; Columbia Internetworking LLC, Columbia MD.

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