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Cloud Services

Brought to you by COIN Services. Everything you need to run your small business or a complete enterprise from just about anywhere!

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Is your data vulnerable?

So called "Free" cloud services pay for themselves by mining YOUR information.

At COIN Services access to your email and files is all under your control. We do NO data mining.

Cloud services under your control.

Value added virtual servers for file storage and sharing, email services or web services. You control your own cloud services. Your way!

Email delivered to your desk, phone or laptop Spam and Virus free.

Our email hub servers scrub your email of all viruses and most spam before reaching your company server or inbox.

See our catalog for computer accessories.

We carry many componants designed to make your computing experience more enjoyable..and ergonomic!

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Email Services


Our redundant "Mailhub" servers scrub your email from viruses and most spam. They then deliver the clean email to either our server which you can access through a secure internet connection, or to your in-office server for distribution inside of your company.

Single User: $5.00 per month on our server. 5GB of storage. Your choice of email or file storage. Add BOTH for just $2 more per month. Double your storage for $3 per month for a total of 10GB. See the order page for additional options.

Multiple User: Accounts start at $12.95 per month for 20GB of space. Space is scalable up to 200GB and 256 user accounts. See the order page or contact us for options.


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