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COIN Services

COIN Services is a short name for Columbia Internetworking. We were founded in 2002 by Ron Miller in order to bring quality IT services to the small and medium sized businesses.

Our services include wide area networking for customers like Mattress Discounters, Cabinets to Go and other nation-wide chains of stores. We have led dozens of small companies in their quest for hardware and IT solutions for their start-up businesses as well as grow with products like Microsoft Office 365.

About COIN Services

In 2002, we began to provide support to Mattress Discounters for their wide area network encompassing nearly 300 stores nationwide. We also supported the expansion of Cabinets to Go with store network setup and hosted VoIP in all their stores. We provided LAN/WAN support for dozens of other nationwide retailers including Abercrombie and Fitch, Bob Evans, and McDonalds.

We also provided company email services as well as local network support including servers, workstations, laptops and WiFi access points to dozens of businesses.

Our Services

Your IT launch

Whether you are initially launching your company, or expanding your business, we can provide the education and expertise needed for the IT portion of your business plan to succeed. We are committed to your company's goals.

IT systems management

We can provide the continual oversight of your company and maintain your Active Directory and/or Office365 environment.

Remote Workplace

We can get you trained and looking professional with Zoom or Microsoft Teams for your remote environment. We also can implement and maintain a secure VPN system.










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